we create technology that bridges the gap between communities and health systems

Community Health


Regular & personalised health assessment

Communities have the power to capture important health information and fuel better healthcare

Digital Health


Digital health powered by AI

The Feebris platform connects to existing devices and uses advanced algorithms to deliver accurate diagnosis and monitoring



The right intervention at the right time

Community-acquired health information can both identify complications early and reduce unnecessary visits

feebris platform

“Health is the ability to adapt to one’s environment…It is not a fixed entity and it is defined by the individual, depending on their functional needs.”

The Lancet 2009

How does the Feebris platform work?

The Feebris platform connects to a wide range of point-of-care devices (digital stethoscopes, wearables etc.). Signal processing algorithms extract important clinical insights and machine learning algorithms fuse information into actionable diagnostic outputs.

feebris platform

What health problems does Feebris address?

Child health

Elderly health

Global shortage of health workers (million)
Deaths of children under 5 annually (million)
Over 65's as % of global population by 2050

Child health

Healthcare challenge

Childhood pneumonia is the number ONE killer of children under the age of 5. Timely and accurate diagnosis is essential but complex as it requires evaluation of multiple symptoms.

Value proposition

The Feebris platform connects to tools like a digital stethoscope to identify pathological sounds in the lungs. Combining these with other essential symptoms, Feebris identifies pneumonia and determines severity.

Applications under development

We are also developing algorithms for identification of cardiac conditions (e.g. rheumatic heart disease) and childhood development conditions (e.g. autism).

India Child Health

Elderly health

Elderly health

Healthcare challenge

Elderly people suffer from chronic conditions and are highly susceptible to acute conditions, such as respiratory infections. Consequently, regular trips to the GP are currently unavoidable.

Value proposition

The Feebris platform can power regular health monitoring among elderly people, for both chronic and acute conditions. Essential clinical information collected in the community can reduce the need for GP appointments and enable independent living.

Applications in development

Feebris is working closely with retirement village operators to optimise the performance of the platform for: (1) self-care; (2) monitoring of chronic conditions; (3) early identification of acute episodes; (4) personalised management of frailty.

Who is Feebris for?

Why Feebris?

Feebris’ team combines expertise in biomedical engineering, machine learning, global health and business. More importantly, we are unreasonably passionate about our vision to transform healthcare globally and make it equitable, personalised and patient-driven.

What’s new about Feebris?

Children’s Prize

Feebris’ CEO Elina Naydenova was awarded the prestigious Children’s Prize to lead the development and implementation of a child health programme in Mumbai, India. The programme will provide community-based diagnosis for 10,000 children via the Feebris platform. We are honoured and are rolling up our sleeves to deliver an impactful community programme!


Feebris joins HS. – a business programme dedicated to help start-ups integrate into UK’s health system by accessing a vast network of clinical, policy and investment networks. We are extremely excited to embark on this journey!

Panacea Stars

Feebris has been accepted onto the Panacea Starts accelerator, dedicated to de-risking baby unicorns and helping them grow fast. We are excited about the programme and can’t wait to learn from the fabulous network of mentors and compete for the final prize!

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